Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rosenbalm Family Reunion

Last weekend was the annual Rosenbalm Family Reunion. Christine was the newest Rosenbalm so as I'm sure you can imagine that made her the most popular family member in attendance. Everyone went on and on about what a good and happy baby she is. I don't think Matt and I realize how good we have it with her until we hear people tell us things like that. I can honestly say we get that compliment almost everywhere we take her. I think it's because she doesn't take a passey.....people are shocked sometimes when a baby can stay completely content just to look around and observe her surroundings. As I said in my previous post, this child is one observant little lady.

It was pretty hot as one can expect in Texas. Christine stayed cool by sucking on some frozen grapes in her strainer that we packed for her. The best idea we had for the day! She gobbled them up as usual....she LOVES frozen grapes. And once those were gone (and by gone I mean the juice was sucked out of them and all we had left was grape skins) we put some ice cubes in there for her. She liked those very much as well. It's such a easy way to let her keep cool and entertain herself at the same time. Most of the older parents had never seen a strainer before and were pretty jealous they weren't around when their kids were little. We hear stuff like that a lot with all the new baby stuff that's out now. I guess that's another thing that we're lucky for....we didn't realize how fortunate we were to have such ingenious baby stuff. We also took her jump-a-roo which was a huge hit as well. LOL

Here are some shots of the everyone getting some Christine time.

Aunt Laurie

Uncle Jeff

Gagie (Great Grandma)

Papa (Great Grandpa) got lucky and got some kisses. Christine already reaches for him when he's around.

At the end of the reunion we had a drawing for door prizes. Christine was given the honor to draw the name for the first prize. We held the box of tickets with everyone's name up for her and she reached in like a pro and picked out one lonely ticket. And who do you think that ticket belonged to? None other than her Daddy. Here is a picture of the two of them with his prize.

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