Monday, June 22, 2009

Pink eye don't stop us!

This was taken yesterday after Grandpa left after his and Matt's Father's Day lunch. The pink eye was at it's worst at this point but even with that her jump-a-roo put a smile on her sweet little face. Today was much better. Her doctor said she wont be contagious any longer after tomorrow. I was so glad we caught it when we did....specifically I'm glad it didn't get to the point were she woke up and her eye was stuck shut from all the gunk. She's still a little cranky but I'm sure that's because her ears are probably still bothering her. I'm sure a few more days on her antibiotics will knock that out and she'll be back to her self 100%. We go for her 6 month check up and vaccinations tomorrow. Here are a few Father's Day shots from yesterday.

Grandpa loved getting Christine all to himself today! Grandma was in Austin with her sister visiting their dad.

Watching NASCAR with Daddy.

"You caught me!"

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  1. She is getting to become such a beautiful baby girl. Keep it up Momma!